Prime Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Service Company

Blueprint moves forward with a strong motto to provide UAE residents with the best quality disinfection services that result in their healthier lives. We handle the entire process with our highly-skilled professional team at ‘marked down prices’. We understand, with extremely harsh interior surfaces, tanks and pipes can incur much safety and environmental hazards. To eliminate the inherent risk, thorough planning, planned engineering, innovative technology, safety protocols, on-site and off-site process controls, training, and specialized experience is required.

Meet The Team

Our strength lies in our experienced crew that holds remarkable skills and expertise to perform each service at its best. We are proud to be the home to engineering experts who are loaded with extensive knowledge, years of experience, a keen eye for details, and a creative sense towards problem-solving.

Clean Water Helps You In My Ways!

  • Protects Your Skin

  • Protects Your Health

  • Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Keeps Food Safer

  • Promotes Clean Environment