Strategic Partnerships with world-class principals

Our involvement with renowned manufacturers and vendors has allowed the brand to grow and significantly expand. We, along with our partners believe in delivering world class services that are particularly inspired from international success. Together we believe that we can bring change to our clients business by working on solutions that ensure promising results. Our well-integrated teams are aiming to comply with the values of our conjoined businesses to provide client centric services. Keeping our communications clear and our goals focused we are moving toward strategic, grounded and well-placed innovations.

OnGrid Systems

The sweeping growth of Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the way we see the world today. Decentralized Finances (DeFi) is the next step towards actual implementation of the future economy.

This kind of services operates as a non-custodial solutions which fully inherit the trustless paradigm that most successful blockchains were build on.


SPL Solutions

SPL is able to analyze ten of thousands of lines of code in a matter of minutes, recovering the entire software architecture of the source code. With its advanced AI capabilities, it helps to identify which areas of the code are easiest to migrate, and what functions and services can be easily ported to the cloud. As the impact of new changes are analyzed before being put into production, and future changes and the overall software management governance is also improved .