Water Is life’s Matter & Matrix

In the UAE, tap water is provided mostly from desalinated seawater across the Emirates.

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Flowing Down To Our Taps At Home

Before it flows out of the taps, the water goes through a process that removes impurities. However, the tap water is still qualified as hard water, and the risks further arise when water tanks, pipes, and tanks are not cleaned or disinfected.

Revitalizing You

People can live without love but not water. You need water for your everyday routine tasks. From cleaning dishes to showers, washing clothes to foodstuff, and much more. Hard water has its adverse effects on everything it touches. With the help of disinfection, you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


Is Your Water Safe For Daily Use?

When was the last time your water tank, pipes, and shower heads were disinfected? Get the inspection done to know how safe your water is!

Water Tank / Pipes Disinfection

Blueprint cleanse and disinfects domestic water storage units and all the pipes/plumbing, using 100% chemical-free bio-sanitizers. To ensure the services are handled unto the mark, full water testing is performed followed by a detailed report using an independent laboratory.

Shower Heads Disinfection

Showers are the main part of the daily routines, but how often do you disinfect these tools? Blueprint provides its customers access to high-quality shower heads and filters that are tried and tested. It keeps your daily routine usage healthy and your surroundings safer.

Taps Disinfection

Thorough disinfection is conducted to provide chemical-free safer water for all the time usage. Be it residential or commercial, Blueprint team inspects, maintains, cleans, and disinfects the tanks and taps. A full water testing with a report by an independent laboratory is performed after the service.

Washing Machines Disinfection

A washing machine is an equipment that gives you clean and hygienic clothes to wear. Have you given it a thought to disinfect it? We provide washing machine disinfection services to assure that the clothes you use are cleaned with safe water and maintains the fabric essentials.

Breathe Easy All Day

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